[The diagnostic value of M-mode, 2D, and Doppler echocardiography in incomplete endocardial cushion defect].


The diagnostic value of ultrasonography in cases with incomplete endocardial cushion defect which has been verified by subsequent operation was studied. By the M-mode ultrasound examination an enlarged right ventricle, a narrowed outflow tract of left ventricular and an abnormal pattern of mitral value were shown. By the aid of 2-DE its diagnostic accuracy in this disease was almost 100%. Characteristically the ostium primum (atrial septal) defect and anterior mitral cleft were demonstrated. And by pulsed Doppler the signs of mitral regurgitation and the spectral features of atrial shunt could be found. Therefore, it is proposed that ultrasonographic examination could readily take the place of traumatic angiocardiography in the diagnosis of this disease.


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