Primary Dural Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue-Type Lymphoma: Case Report and Review of the Literature


A 47-year-old Hispanic male presented with visual field disturbances, memory impairment, and a seizure. CT and MRI were consistent with meningioma. Both neurologic exam and routine laboratory tests were within normal limits. The patient underwent craniotomy and subtotal resection of the tumor. On H&E, the lesion was composed of a lymphoid mass with well-defined irregularly shaped follicles surrounded by a monomorphic population of small lymphocytes. Marginal zones stained for B-cell markers, CD20 and CD79a, one T-cell marker, CD43, and kappa light chains. While other markers did not stain the majority of tumor cells, they did identify other lymphoid and plasma cell elements. A diagnosis of marginal zone B-cell lymphoma of dura, mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT)-type (extranodal) was made. MALT-type lymphomas are unusual in the nervous system; this is the first such case reported in a male and serves to emphasize the wide diversity of presentation of a neoplasm originally described in the GI tract and thus far described in the CNS only in females.


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