Design Concept for AGS Injection Kicker Upgrade to 2 GeV


The present AGS injection kickers at A5 location were designed for 1.5 GeV proton injection. Recent high intensity runs have pushed the transfer kinetic energy to 1.94 GeV, but with an imperfect matching in transverse phase space. Space charge forces result in both fast and slow beam size growth and beam loss as the size exceeds the AGS aperture. A proposed increase in the AGS injection energy to 2 GeV with adequate kick strength would greatly reduce the beam losses making it possible increase the intensity from 70 TP (7010<sup>12</sup>protons/s) to 100 TP. R&D studies are being undertaken by TRIUMF, in collaboration with BNL, to design two new kicker magnets for the AGS A10 location which will provide an additional deflection of 1.5 mrad for 2 GeV protons. TRIUMF has proposed a design for a 12.5 Ω transmission line kicker magnet with rise and fall times of 100 ns, 3% to 97%, and kick strength uniformity for protons of ± 3% over 90% of the aperture, powered by matched 12.5 Ω pulse-forming lines. This paper describes the present status of a prototype design including the results of detailed 2D and 3D electromagnetic modelling of a transmission line kicker magnet and PSpice time domain analysis of the magnetic kick strength.


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